Assistant Head Nurse & Head Nurse – Saudi Arabia

Various Medical & Consultant Sub-Specialities – Saudi Arabia
February 13, 2020
February 13, 2020

Assistant Head Nurse & Head Nurse – Saudi Arabia


We have very urgent vacancies for the positions of Assistant Head Nurse and Health Nurse for all hospital wards (male & female inpatients units, obstetrics, neonatal & pediatrics, specialty units, operating & recovery rooms and rehabilitation units).

Assistant head nurses – CCU & Haemodialysis
Head nurses – Adult ICU, Operating Room, Recovery Room, Psychiatry, Acute Female Surgical unit, Male Surgical and Transplant unit, Male Orthopaedic unit


Positions available only for Registered Nurses (RGN) holding current registration/ license from US, Canada, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Finland, Romanian, Greek, Czech Republic and other countries in Western Europe.

A minimum of two years experience in a hospital (preferably 200+ beds).

Specialty nurses need one to two years in that area.

The health authority in uae require a 3 years nursing diploma or a bsn as a minimum qualification

Saudi health commission registration

Contract and benefits schedule

You will be eligible for accompanied/ unaccompanied status contract and will receive the following benefits:

Contract, one year and often renewable.
Air transport, economy class, from point-of-hire to tabuk, ksa.
End of contract entitlements (bonus) consisting of one half month salary for each year worked.
Ticketing, a return ticket to point-of-hire for vacation once a year.
Vacation, 40 days paid vacation per year (45 days for physicians).
Housing, including utilities, appliances, linens, etc. Provided.
Uniforms, provided.
Transportation, from hospital to housing and back and shopping trips provided.
Medical care and emergency dental care normally provided free at the hospital.
Access to subsidized meals in hospital project cafeterias.
Emergency leave, available.
Salary paid in local currency by end of each gregorian month.
This income is take home pay since there are no taxes in saudi arabia & uae.

Please forward your CV for a review to e-mail:

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