Infection Prevention and Control Level 1 – Aligned to UK CSTF & CPD Accredited

Moving and Handling Level 1 – Aligned to UK CSTF & CPD Accredited
February 13, 2020
February 13, 2020

Infection Prevention and Control Level 1 – Aligned to UK CSTF & CPD Accredited

Infection Prevention and Control Level 1 – Aligned to UK CSTF

The Infection Prevention and Control Level 1 ‘CSTF Verified’ designed to provide an opportunity to review in more depth the use of standard infection prevention and control measures.
Infection control and prevention is essential for businesses where work activities could put employees at risk of passing on or contracting an infection. This includes working in a healthcare environment, in close contact with people or animals, and cleaning human and animal waste. Infections are easily passed on, but equally easy to avoid if everyone on the premises takes proper preventative action.
The risk of infection within a healthcare setting poses a significant risk to patients, carers and staff. Without effective infection prevention and control approaches, infection can cause distress, harm and impair the quality of life and healthcare experiences. Infection frequently requires additional costly resources to treat. Therefore, prevention of infection has to be a key priority for all staff groups working within a healthcare setting. Consequently, ensuring that all staff have high levels of infection prevention and control awareness, supported through an effective education and training approach, should form a central features of any infection prevention and control strategy.
Learning Outcomes
• know how individuals can contribute to infection prevention and control
• have knowledge of and demonstrate the standard infection prevention and control precautions relevant to their role which may include:
– Hand Hygiene
– Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
– Management of Blood and Body Fluid Spillage
– Management of Occupational Exposure (including sharps)
– Management of the Environment
– Management of Care Equipment.

• recognise and act when their personal fitness to work may pose a risk of infection to others.
Course Outlines
Introduction to Infection Prevention and Control–
• infection, sources of infections,
• how is infection transmitted?
• the importance of infection control.
The Chain of Infection Context –
• the chain of infection: organisms; reservoir; portal of exit; mode of transmission; portal of entry; and vulnerable host,
• risk assessment,
• legal requirements,
• employer duties, and employee duties.
Controlling Infection Risks Context –
• preventing exposure to microorganisms,
• good hygiene,
• infections prevention,
• hand hygiene,
• preventing wounds and dressing wounds
• preventing aerosols,
• waste disposal and cleaning spillages,
• clean-up kit,
• exposure to contamination,
• protective equipment,
• cleaning activities
• further hygiene tips.
Target Audience
All staff including contractors, unpaid and voluntary staff

This course was designed with specialist in Infection Prevention and Control, CSTF Verified and meets the outcomes for this framework.

For face to face training session’s assessment – questions and answers, including short written test.

Certificate of Attendance/Completion
E-learning also available.

In this format, we recommend that the number of participants be limited to 15 in order to maximise the opportunity for interaction and facilitated discussion and to allow participants to explore practical examples relevant to their own situations.

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