DPA – Certificate in Data Protection – scheduled courses virtually through the online platforms: Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Cyber Security Training – scheduled courses virtually through the online platforms: Microsoft Teams and Zoom.
July 2, 2020
Various Medical and Consultant Sub-Specialist Doctors – Germany
July 24, 2020

DPA – Certificate in Data Protection – scheduled courses virtually through the online platforms: Microsoft Teams and Zoom.



This course will broaden your understanding of the laws concerning the Data Protection Act ” DPA” and its practical application. It incorporates the latest changes and updates outlined in the Data Protection Act of 1998 and the way it works with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations founded in 2003. Our BCS CDP training course is taught inline with the DPA of 1998 and the BCS requirement making an effective preparation for the expertise tested in the CDP certification exam. Our Certificate in Data Protection, CDP, training course and is aimed towards individuals who have a degree of responsibility for data protection within any organisation. However, the CDP training course and certification are also useful for individuals who want to broaden their understanding of this area.

Those experienced in data protection issues, as well as those new to the subject, need to be trained so that their organisations are confident that legal compliance is continually addressed. It is necessary to identify issues requiring expert data protection advice in good time in order that organisational reputation and credibility are enhanced through relevant data protection policies and procedures.

All our trainers have extensive experience in delivering CDP training. We will thoroughly prepare you for the CDP examination which results with a Certificate in Data Protection – CDP. Covered by professionals, our CDP training course is one of the strongest sides of our expertise.

Once booked on the training event, each delegate will be given the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) Guide to Data Protection as some pre course reading.

Pre – requisite

The qualification is aimed at those who have, or wish to have, some responsibility for data protection within an organisation. However, it will also be useful for others who wish to obtain, and demonstrate, a broad understanding of the UK’s data protection regime and the DPA.

No formal entry requirements are required for the Certificate.

Course Content


The Law knowledge) of ICO issued codes

The exemptions from notification.

A basic understanding of the two tier fee regime.

Introduction: how the principles regulate and how they are enforced including Information and Enforcement Notices.


Monitoring – internet, email, telephone calls and CCTV –

Use of the internet (including Electronic Commerce)

 Data matching

Disclosure and Data sharing

Duration: 5 Days

Cost: £1,895

Model of Deliver: Virtual

Dita Consulting and partners are continuing to offer all their scheduled courses virtually through the online platforms: Microsoft Teams and Zoom.  

Our virtual courses are still run by our professional trainers and you will have the ability to ask questions and receive answers just like in the classroom. 

With closed and tailored courses, we can be flexible and creative in how they are scheduled so it suits your working hours and needs.

To discuss your virtual training needs or to book onto one of our courses please get in touch today and our team would be happy to assist you.

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