Duties and Responsibilities

  • Performs his/her duties and tasks as per Hospital Policy and Agreement on Professional Code of Conduct.
  • Actively participates in all quality and performance improvement activities within the department/service and within the hospital as per Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Plan.
  • Actively participates in all the education requirement and activities as per the Hospital Education Program.
  • Performs other applicable tasks and duties assigned within the scope of practice and employment contract.
  • Abides by the Medical Staff Bylaws, Code of Medical Ethics, Rules, and Regulation of the Medical Staff and those specific to the department
  • Provides the highest attainable standard of medical care for the patients for whom he/she is responsible.
  • Carries out full range of inpatient and outpatient clinical duties as assigned by Consultant/Senior Registar in Urology in accordance with individually approved clinical privileges.
  • Participates in the on-call duties as required by the department.
  • Instructs and guides when necessary junior medical staff in the overall care of patients, supervises their performance/work and contributes to the training and teaching activities and training in the Department.
  • To report and discuss all unusual findings, complication or alterations in the management plan, with the Senior Registrar and Consultant.
  • Fulfills the requirements of the Saudi Council for Health Specialties with regard to continuing medical education.
  • Works toward completing his post graduate and passing the Final Part his Fellowship or Saudi board.
  • Attends the continuing Medical Education Programme of the department.
  • Participates in approved research projects.
  • Shares workload in his specialty during the absence of his colleagues.
  • Strives to improve his clinical expertise as well as standard of practice with regard to morbidity and cost effectiveness.
  • Participates in the Major Disaster Plan of the Hospital as indicated.


  • Ability to assume greater responsibility in matters of patient care.
  • Commitment to learning and training in pursuance of a career in his chosen Speciality.
  • Ability to deal calmly, with tact and diplomacy to patient and staff alike.
  • Ability to work effectively in a multi-cultural environment.


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