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IT Technical Consultancy Services

Dita Consulting specializes in technical training, particularly in the areas of data communications & networking, internet/intranet, operating systems, programming languages and relational databases. What makes our training distinctive, is that our lecturers are all experts in their fields, not just from the manual but with a wealth of hands-on “real world” experience, forming the core of our consultancy services. Just as our Training service benefits from our practical experience, so too our Consultancy service benefits from our training. We won’t just come in, follow a script, get it done and leave you to it. We’ll discuss with you what you need, and we’ll explain to you what we’re doing, often coupling the consultancy with on the job training as well so you can feel confident with the solution you are left with. Dita Consulting offer a comprehensive range of consultancy services, please see below for some examples of how we may be able to help you. If you would like to discuss your requirement further, please call us on 01375856953, email us on
With many years of experience with Windows, Unix & Linux operating systems, TCP/IP networks, Relational Database Management Systems including MS SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL, we can help you get a new project off the ground quickly and effectively.
1. Database Design & Implementation

2. Microsoft SQL Server

3. Oracle

4. MySQL

5. Microsoft Access

6. Network Planning & Implementation

7. Physical/Cabling Infrastructure

8. TCP/IP Planning & Implementation

9. Network Administration – (DNS, DHCP, Active Directory, etc) 10. WAN, VPN & Outbound Connectivity

11. Operating System Configuration & Deployment

12. Windows

13. Linux

14. UNIX

15. Web Development


17. CSS

18. JavaScript – AJAX, JQuery

19. PHP

20. ASP
If you have an existing system that is not performing or behaving as it should, or feel should you be able to get more out of your existing technology, we can help you assess the current state of your systems and advise where improvements could be made.
Database Tuning & Optimisation

1. Performance Monitoring & Assessment

2. Troubleshooting Database Design

3. Indexing & Lock Analysis

4. High Availability Solutions

5. Network Troubleshooting

6. Network Assessment

7. Traffic Monitoring & Analysis

8. Topology Improvements

9. TCP/IP Configuration Issues

10. Operating System & Applications Optimisation

11. Performance Monitoring & Analysis

12. Identifying & Resolving Resource Bottlenecks

13. Identifying & Resolving Greedy Applications

14. Server Scaling & Specification
Here is where we can combine our Consultancy and Training services together to give you the best of both worlds by coming to you and working with you on your system.
1. Database Workshop

2. Advance Querying & Reporting

3. Business Intelligence

4. High Availability

5. Database Tuning

6. Windows Workshop

7. Active Directory & User Security

8. Permissions & Sharing

9. Group Policy

10. Microsoft Office Floor walk
To find out more, discuss your requirements or get a quote it’s best to talk to one of our advisers by calling: 01375 856953, but if you would prefer to email an enquiry in the first instance please do so to:

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