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Public Health & Other Related Training Course

We have a long history of providing training for Public Health and other related professionals. Most of our courses are supported by various leading institutions, consortia of health trusts or social work agencies. Dita Consulting develops regularly scheduled intensive training courses, as well as custom-designed programs to fit the unique needs of the clients. We aim to combine a thorough professional education with academic excellence and have a substantial record of research, innovation and publication which is reflected in the quality and relevance of our teaching. Our work covers every aspect of health improvement, from gathering evidence, to planning, delivery and evaluation, and spans the range of health topics, settings and life stages.
Training Courses:
1. Human Resources Policy & Management

2. Epidemiology and Statistics

3. Monitoring and Evaluation

4. Health Needs Assessment

5. Public Health

6. Healthcare Management

7. Project Management

8. Healthcare Research/Policy

9. Policy and strategy development and implementation

10. Research and development

11. Developing health programmes and services

12. Surveillance and assessment of the population’s health and well-being (including managing, analyzing and interpreting information, knowledge and statistics

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